Shirley Mitchell: Board Member

Shirley Mitchell: Board Member

Board Focus: Title Scholarship Program


Passion for baking peach cobbler, working in the garden, providing meals for Seniors, collecting tea sets, working at the back-to-school events

One of my focuses on the board is overseeing the Title Scholarship Program which provides funding for Wilmore residents to further their education.  Taking on a new challenge can sometimes seem a little overwhelming and this scholarship is meant to make that process a little easier.

I also feel strongly about giving back to the community.  My church, which is right on Mint Street, is near and dear to my heart and we are dedicated to serving others and giving back. My parents, Elder Henry and Maggie Peugh purchased their home in 1967 which is where I still reside with my daughter Geneva.  I can still recall when I was a small child my dad and several more gentlemen shoveled snow from the street (Dunkirk) so the next morning everyone could go to work. This is what I cherish most about Wilmore, it is a community of families who look out and care for one another, always willing to lend a helping hand.

Through my time here, I have seen Charlotte go through many changes.  I think Wilmore leads by example by embracing change while still maintaining its roots. Wilmore truly welcomes all.